All Makt Åt Fantasin
Staden som lekplats

Exhibition design

All Makt Åt Fantasin - Staden som lekplats is a group exhibition produced by Konsthall C in collaboration with Hökarängens Stadsdelsråd. The participating artists all show works that explore political aspects of play and/or the history of construction playgrounds in Sweden.

The exhibition design is using strong colors and geometric shapes, highlighting construction and transparency. The sharp angles are contrasted by soft fabrics draped over 4x4’s, featuring beautiful graphics by Linn Henrichson and Lars Høie. Designed with a sustainable focus, the wood and fabrics are easily disassembled, stored and repurposed. 

Reflecting the topic, the installation process was partly open to the public. Young and old neighbours of the art gallery participated in the building of design elements, grounding the program and its themes within the local context.

Participating artists: Camilla Carlsson, Mats Eriksson Dunér and Priscila Fernandes
Curator: Ulrika Flink
Exhibition design and installation concept: Erik Annerborn
Graphic design: Lars Høie and Linn Henrichson

Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, The Region of Stockholm and the City of Stockholm.

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Photo: Johan Österholm and Konsthall C