An old communal laundry in southern Stockholm turned contemporary art space. Based on its locality, a strong focus on rights issues, and a broad international network, Konsthall C creates exhibitions, discursive events, pedagogy and parties with and for its neighbours and allies.

Managing director position since 2018. Tasks include financial and staff responsibilities, as well as developing long-term relationships with local, regional and international communities.

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Sweden’s oldest and most renowned fashion education is responsible for creating talent like Ann-Sofie Back, Per Götesson and Bea Szenfeld. It is also my own founding education. It still informs my practice, from project management to pattern cutting.

Annual guest lecturer since 2011. Specialising in designer identity, critical perspectives and sustainability. Leading final year students through their initial stages of their graduate collections. 

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Stockholmsskolan is a power-shifting platform for young adults interested in the arts. Since 2014 the project has produced numerous events, courses and exhibitions, as well as the notorious publication “The Art World is Filled With Colonial Pretenses, Structural Discrimination and Class Oppression”.

Project manager and tutor during 2014-2018. Tasks include development, financial responsibilities, programming an production of events and exhibitions, curriculums and lectures, as well as relationships with institutions and funders.

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SyskonSKAP is an emancipatory platform, where arts and craft serve as tools for young people to empower and learn about themselves in challenging times. One of its key goals is to grow artists with a background in marginalised neighbourhoods, creating networks and opportunities for young people with artistic talent.

Project manager during 2017–2018. Developing program and establishing the platform together with artists José David Hildebrand and Mireya Monserrat Escanilla. Managing budget, admin, grant reporting and relationships with stakeholders.

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