Dark, Happy, To the Core

Costume for dance

A performance where seven archetypes are making sense out of the world, and each other. Dark, Happy, To the Core is future myth-making, born at the heart of the massive Roskilde Festival in Denmark. 

“[...]the world around us doesn't look too bright but here we are, having to make sense of this rapidly changing world, deteriorating notions and systems, the ruins of one things and the emergence of other things--I believe as artists we have the unique opportunity to create new stories that speak to this moment and also the future. [...]” 

- Malik Nashad Sharpe, choreographer


“Marikiscrycrycry & Dansehallerne's DARK, HAPPY, TO THE CORE was, as I said, Roskilde Festival's first jaw-dropping moment on the Platform stage.”

Casper Koeller, Sceneblog.dk
Choreography by: Malik Nashad Sharpe / marikiscrycrycry

Dancers: Mathew One Bailey, Ciara Rose Blankenship, Jemima Brown, Max Cookward, Robin Dobler, Paolo de Gilea and Yasmin Grant.

Music: Isla Bane and Protea

Producer: Michael Kitchin
Curator: Nina Rasmussen

Commissioned by Roskilde Festival
Co-produced by Dansehallerne

Photography: Sigrid Ellesøe, Florentine Fogh, August Thomsen and Lars Vibild.


6/6 in Sceneblog.dk
︎Article (Danish)

5/6 in Politiken
︎Article (Danish)