Costume for dance

Photography: Camilla Greenwell
Goner marks the return of Malik Nashad Sharpe (aka marikiscrycrycry) as a solo performer, in a breathtaking explaration of what the horror genre can provide for the field of contemporary dance. 

Premiering at The Yard Theatre on April 18 2023, as part of the NOW23 festival, it is a touring piece with scheduled dates in Copenhagen, Skopje and Stockholm. 

Goner is a doomed figure. Restless and vengeful they are pacing the collective subcounsciuoss of the performance space, looking for a way out. The performance is seeking to address issues such as migration, alienation and desire. 

The costume comes out of a close creative relationship with the choreographer, and utilises their distinct movements as well as the social codes projected onto their body, set design and audience. It plays with desire and fear, attraction and repulsion. 

︎Read the review in the Guardian

Choreography by Malik Nashad Sharpe @marikiscrycrycry

Musical Direction by Tabitha Thorlu-Bengura
Set Design by Felix Villiers
Lighting Design by Barnaby Booth
Rehearsal Direction by Blue Makwana

Costume Design by Erik Annerborn 
Costume assistant: Tilde Tutal Gottberg
Costumes’s thank you: Arash Arfazadeh and Andrea Rivera

Project Produced by Michael Kitchin and Eva Steen Nordhagen
Strategic Producing by The Uncultured (Laura Sweeney/Ash Bowmott)
Production Management by James Dawson

Promotional Images by Ralf Hersborg
Lead Image by Tyler Cala
Promotional Image Styling by HASZNAT*
Trailer/Short Film by Siniša, Trailer/Image Movement Direction by Ethan Samuel Jacobs, Trailer Talent: Isabelle Gzowski, Gabriel Chen, Chloe Filani, IMVN and Shemi Cudjoe, Trailer Sound: ‘Body of Carbon’ by Croation Amor  & Varg2TM (courtesy of Posh Isolation), Hair by ManWigs, Text Consultancy by Travis Alabanza, PR by Binita Walia, PR by Anna Goodman

Co-commissioned by:
The Yard Theatre (UK), Dansehallerne (DK), MDT (SE), SNIF by Cambridge Junction (UK)  

Additional Support by:
Fest en Fest (UK), The Place (UK) @theplacelondon, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Creative Exchange Lab, lead support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (USA) Toronto Community Love-in (CA) , My Wild Flag (SE, Sadler’s Wells (UK), Pavillion K (DK)

Funded by Arts Council England (UK)



Photography by Camilla Greenwell.