Fashion concept

Ingrid Cogne, REISSUE SPELLS, 2009|2022 / REISSUE COLLECTION 0, (2019|2022)
Text, mixed media (cardboard, tape, acrylic), 177,5 x 21 cm / 177,5 x 29 cm.
SPELLS is an immaterial fashion concept developed in 2009 by Ingrid Cogne, Erik Annerborn and Hedda Viå. It is currently operated by Ingrid and Erik.

For SPELLS, body languages – gestures, poses and relation(alitie)s between individuals and objects – replace clothes as the carrier of values, codes, and meanings in public space.

In a world where scarcity of materials is imminent – and the source of ongoing and future death of peoples and other living beings – it is urgent to question fashion as a system.

Our goal is to dematerialize the fashion system, supply the public with forms of expressions for a post-material age, and to enhance the presence of emancipated bodies in public space.

SPELLS has manifested along the years through various formats – such as performance, film, visual art and graphic design – welding together Fashion, Choreography, Visual Arts, and Critical Design.

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︎TEXTile Manifestoes book

For inquiries, collaborations and further information, e-mail us at info@immaterialfashion.com

Founded by Erik Annerborn, Ingrid Cogne and Hedda Viå in 2009.

Operated by Erik Annerborn and Ingrid Cogne since 2020.

Images from the Vattenfall performance in Stockholm, 2010. 

TEXTile Manifestoes, published by UMPRUM in 2023, features the SPELLS manifesto, written between 2009-2021, and compiled in 2021 (Eds. PAVEL LIŠKA, ROBIN R. MUDRY)
Images from The Surface Collection, exhibition at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, 2011.