Unfolding II

Costume for dance

A dance performance in public spaces.

We jump to hope. We crawl to reclaim time. We hammer with knuckles to heal. We gather for all we can. Repeating rhythms, the big jump, the formation, the tripping, the bouncing, the embracing ritual. It’s all there.

Unfolding II is a choreography that responds to the architecture, energy and history of three different places. Performed at Sergel’s Torg and Tensta Torg in Stockholm, and Fittja Centrum in Botkyrka, as part of the STHLM Dans festival (May 4–14 2023).

The costume are made out remade thrift finds, creating silhouettes that refers to male archetypes: The Punk, The Intellectual, The Hunk, The Skater, and the The Rockstar.

Dancers: Jasmine Attié, Sophie Augot, Ulrika Berg, Elin Hallgren and Destiny Johannah af Kleen
Choreography/concept: Anna Koch
Costume: Erik Annerborn
Costume assistant: Acuarela Beard
Photography: Louise Helmfrid

Production: Weld in collaboration with STHLM DANS 

STHLM Dans is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, The City of Stockholm, The Region of Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee , Lithuanian Culture Institute, Stockholm University of the Arts, Creative Europe and Big Pulse.

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