Weld Company

Costume for dance

Between 2013–2016 I served as “resident” costume designer alongside the Weld Company during its formative years. Often precarious, always experimental, the company undertook the investigation of what it means to be a dance company in the 21st century. Inspired by the curiosity and intellectual courage of the company, I tried to turn costume inside out. The result ranges from scent and instructions for collective body painting, to sportswear collections and cult uniforms. 

One example is aswebegin (top/left) by choreographer Litó Walkey. aswebegin honors the act of beginning. It favors the instability of the drawing board, supposing to find the radical and creative therein. Five dancers, dressed in eire cult fatigues, are tracing their own beginnings through protocol that makes each performance unique. aswebegin has played through Sweden and Northern Europe. 

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Another experiment (further down) was the collaboration with Rebecka Stillman, preceding the major production in Dansens hus in 2016. Following the dwindling conversation reaching for the core of practice, I took the clothing out of costume to see what what is actually needed, and how I can achieve it. The result was a signature scent that united the dancers, paired with laser-cut stencils and gold spray paint.

Choreographers: Rebecka Stillman, Litó Walkey, Julian Weber, Weld Company

Members 2013–2017: Caroline Byström, Robin Dingemans, Sybrig Dokter,Marie Fahlin, Elias Girod, Noah Hellwig, Pavle Heidler, Disa Krosness, Josefine Larson Olin, Sandra Lolax, Robert Malmborg, Per Sacklén, Hanna Strandberg, Andrea Svensson, Anna Westberg.

Costume: Erik Annerborn

Artistic director Weld: Anna Koch

Made possible with support by the Swedish Arts Council, the City of Stockholm and the Stockholm City Council.

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Weld Company and Rebecka Stillman (2014)

aswebegin (2013)